CoD: CWL Week 3 Recap

1st February 2016

Week 3 resumed the way week 2 ended, with the boys of exceL.CoD taking on British rivals Team Infused. After a 3-0 victory over Infused in the previous week, exceL had the upper hand going into this match. The first map saw us on Evac Hardpoint, with Infused came out strong taking an initial 100 point lead, leaving the score at 23-123. With exceL looking shaky, Infused held onto their lead for a further minute. Then a switch was flicked and we burst into life, clawing back the deficit and bringing the score to an equal 202-202. Unfortunately Team Infused clutched up and ended the map 240-250, seeing them secure a 1-0 lead in the series. Redwood Search and Destory was next and it began with a standard tone of rounds being traded. Once again, which the score tied up 4-4, Infused pulled away and took the map 6-4 putting us down 2-0. With the series on the line we needed to pull something out of the bag in map 3, Fringe Uplink. Team Infused began strong, scoring 4 points in the first half and 1 more in the second. We were only able to score 2 points at the end of the second half, meaning Team Infused won the map 2-5 and subsequently took the series 3-0.

Our second game of the week was against the French squad Team LDLC. Tuesday's loss hit hard and the boys intended to bounce back immediately. Stronghold Hardpoint was up first and we began strong, taking a close to 90 point lead after 4 minutes. Our lead progressively dwindled throughout the end of the game, but we were able to finish off strong with a 250-200 win. Map 2 saw us on Hunted Seach and Destroy for the first time in the CWL. The boys of exceL.CoD dominated, taking a 5-1 lead, although LDLC countered by winning two quick rounds taking the score to 5-3. However, exceL ended map 2 with a 6-3 victory, with a particularly good performance from our very own QwiKeR, who finished with a 10-4 K/D. We went into Map 3, Evac Uplink, with confidence high. This showed immediately as we took a massive 7-0 lead after the first half, including a beautiful piece of individual Scythe play from Nolson (that made it in to the CWL Top 5 Plays of the Week) rounding off the half. With a big lead for LDLC to come back from, the French crumbled under the pressure and only managed to score 2 points in the second half. Overall Map 3 ended 9-2 and brought the series to a 3-0 win for exceL.CoD, giving us a 1-1 record for week 3.

Next week we take on the two top CWL teams, Epsilon and Millenium. Make sure to stay in contact via Twitter and Facebook for news and updates regarding our many teams including exceL.CoD!