EU-based Call of Duty competitive team. Official Team Roster: Brad 'endurAAA' Hughes, Sam 'SamB' Baker, Bob 'BoabyCee' Currie and Connor 'Weeman' Chilton.


Brad 'endurAAA' Hughes

Hello, my name is Brad but I go by the in-game endurAAA. I've played Call of Duty competitively on GameBattles since the World at War title, focussing primarily on Search & Destroy tournaments and at one point reaching the status of highest earning European player. In Ghosts I attended the 2014 Call of Duty Championships and I am now back competing looking to reach the top again.


Sam 'SamB' Baker

Hi, my name is Sam but I am known to most as 'SamB'. I've been competing on Call of Duty for a few years now and I'm looking to turn it in to a full-time job in the near future. In 2015/16 I had a lot of near misses in qualifiers for major events and the Call of Duty World League. In 2016/17 I have more motivation than ever to put that right and I'd love nothing better than to achieve that under exceL.


Bob 'BoabyCee' Currie

Hi, my name's Bob 'BoabyCee' Currie and I am a Scottish Call of Duty player and have been competing since Call of Duty Ghosts. The majority of people know me from my performances throughout the Black Ops 3 2015/16 season, during which I narrowly missed out on qualifying for the Call of Duty World League and played as a substitiute for the eventual winners of season 2, Millenium. In 2016/17 the team and I believe we have the ability to qualify for the CWL and to bring success to exceL as an organisation.


Connor 'Weeman' Chilton

Hello, my name is Connor "Weeman" Chilton. I started competing in Call of Duty at the beginning of Advanced Warfare but I have been playing the titles for much longer. I am well-known for my online performances but I am looking forward to showing my ability on LAN this year. I am excited for the 2016/17 season with this team and to be competing under exceL.